I/68 Třanovice - Nebory

6. 11. 2019
Directorate of Roads and Motorways begins construction of the road I/68 Třanovice - Nebory (Třinec).


The Directorate of Roads and Motorways will be starting the construction of the I/68 Třanovice - Nebory road on Wednesday, 6th November. This is the last part of the Třinec bypass which will connect to the part of the road I/11 in the section Nebory - Oldřichovice - Bystřice which has already been opened.

"The existing road I/68 passes through densely built-up areas of the villages of Hnojník and Střítež. Intersections with other roads and local roads are level, there are numerous exits to adjacent lands and entrances to individual buildings along the whole road. There is also a level crossing of the Český Těšín - Frýdek-Místek railway line in Střítež.

"All these factors negatively affect the safety and flow of traffic. We will now build a high-capacity dual carriageway here, by-passing the built-up area, where all intersections are going to be accessed by slip roads. The new carriageway is also going to include 25 noise reducing barriers with a total length of almost ten kilometers," said Radek Mátl, General Director of The Directorate of Roads and Motorways, about the newly started construction.

This carriageway is the final part of the solution of the connection of the D48 motorway with Slovakia in the section Třanovice - Mosty u Jablunkova. In the section between Třanovice and Nebory, the I/68 road forms an important link between the D48 motorway and the I/11 road.

The I/11 is the only road via the Jablunkov Pass and is also the only road which serves Třinec Steelworks. The roads I/11 and I/68 are even more important due to the existence of Hyundai Motors Company factory in Nošovice and the requirement for capacity interconnection with KIA Motors in Slovakia.

The construction is proposed for co-financing under the Operational Program Transport 2014 - 2020 from the European Regional Development Fund.

I/68 Třanovice - Nebory

Main route: length: 5.4 km

Category: S 24.5/100

Road surface: 101 325 m2

Number of ancillary structures: 88


Construction price according to the contract: CZK 2,145 million ex VAT

Date of construction: 07/2022

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